[warn-news] Request for Activation - 5/10/2006

Steve Lewis N8TFD n8tfd at one.net
Wed May 10 20:39:50 EDT 2006

The NWS office at Wilmington has requested Cincinnati SkyWARN to ACTIVATE in a 
few minutes.

A very strange situation is developing...there are NOT any strong thunderstorms 
in the area.  However, one "rain shower" has apparently produced damage 
(possibly tornadic?) from Mason County to Highland County, and similar reports 
are coming in from greater Louisville.

This activity is not being clearly indicated as such on radar, so tornadoes are 
possible with LITERALLY little or no advance warning.

We do not expect much activity, but we are being asked not to overlook ANYTHING 
tonight, even a "rain shower".  Please be observant and report any damage you 
OBSERVE, even if it's not after an event that you were able to observe.

FYI, we will be monitoring 146.88- and 147.09+ for this event, as we transition 
back to 146.88- as the primary repeater.

-73- de N8TFD/Steve

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